new stuff I did in February

Lots of homebody shit in this one. February’s usually like that, isn’t it? You guys had better get ready, though, because all the face-meltingly awesome stuff I did on the cruise will be on the list for March!

  • made a paper garland for a party
  • sewed a hat
  • sang the karaoke song I always knew I’d be good at (Yay, I finally found a song list with Brass in Pocket on it!)
  • made my own calendar (sort of)
  • made a pincushion
  • bought a serger (and loved it!)
  • sang along with 80’s power ballads until my throat hurt
  • used professional lighting for a photography gig
  • discovered how much I love watching Chuck
  • sewed using oilcloth
  • bought a bag from Cinnamon!