nevermind. I don’t like knowing who won, because it was all the wrong things. whatever.

today I ate lunch with a whole bunch professors, of the physics and astronomy and computer science persuasions. they’re all geeks, but that’s okay because I’m one too. still, there was something almost not real about my life at that moment, being the only kid at a table full of conversation about the meaning of trig functions and whether or not it’s forgivable to mix up madeline l’engle with ursula k. leguin, making fun of the people who grade my midterm exams and letting them make fun of me. and then we walked back to the science building together, where I spend the afternoon working in the research lab alongside my astronomy professor. so I was very mixed up.

someday I suppose I am going to be one of the adults, grading midterms and writing lesson plans, and I suppose if I’m lucky I’ll have a whole bunch of geek friends who will go to lunch with me. but I hope I don’t remember thinking this, because I hate watching my life go in circles, even when I see it from the other side. (r)


I don’t really understand why wet clean laundry is so unpleasant, since dry clean laundry is one of the nicest things known to domesticated humans, but there it is.

I am out of quarters, so my laundry is going to have to rely on open windows and march breezes for its pleasantness today. the fun thing about running out of clean clothes is that you get to wear things you normally wouldn’t, otherwise, so while my three weeks’ worth of dirtyness was spinning in the basement, I was cavorting about my room in shiny turquoise pants and a skimpy cotton tank top.

maybe not cavorting exactly, but whatever. now there is no room to move, because both beds and about half the floor are covered in clammy damp fabric. it’s like living inside a washing machine that finished its spin cycle an hour ago and has been waiting for the negligent launderer to come relieve it of its burden.

being a coin-op washing machine must suck. (r)