things i thought about today:

  • whenever i see those fish decals on cars that say “JESUS” in the middle, my brain registers it not as a word of praise, but as a curse.  as in, “jesus, man! what are you doing driving a ford festiva?!”
  • why do they scent dishwasher detergent?  the stuff i have is lemon cascade, but i don’t see the point.  are my dishes going to smell lemony-fresh?  i think not.
  • there’s a girl in my british novel class who always wears sweatsuits.  every single day a matching sweatsuit, in at least seventeen zillion different colors.  i can only imagine what her closet must look like, with row upon row upon row upon row of solid-color sweatsuits, arranged in spectrum order from right to left, on white plastic hangers.  i think.

see?  i told you i was boring…