wow, it’s over.  sxsw, spring break, everything.  tomorrow i go back to school and reading and writing and listening, spending hours on couches and in coffeehouses, and sometimes on couches in the coffeehouses.  i thought spring break existed so that one can recover from school, but i think i need to recover from this spring break itself.

when i left the airport this morning in my brand-new orange rubber shoes, it felt really strange.  i’ve spent over a week doing important fun things with large and small groups of wonderful people.  there have been panels and parties and dinners and drinks and conversation and ferries and beaches and amusement parks and hot dogs and lengthy jokes with no punchline and abandoned aquariums with graffiti and torrential rain and friends and love.  so, now what?  what am i to do with myself by myself?  it occurs to me now that i just might be boring.

at any rate, i put up some sxsw photos and stuff, which are fun.  i have about eighty-twelve thousand emails in my inbox.  if one of them is yours, fear not, for i will get to it soon enough.  and speaking of email, i think that there are still some things missing from the Great Disk Crash of March 14, so let me know if you get any 404s or whatever.

or whatever.  nothing to do but go to bed, i guess.