oh.  what really interests me is this whole tshirt thing.  i hadn’t planned on buying a sxsw tshirt, but i had to once i saw that the urls of the finalists were on the backs of all the shirts.  how exciting is it that my url was being sold in gift shops on congress in austin, that people who bought shirts are walking around with my url on their backs, however miniscule the lettering.  awful exciting, i tell you.  i’m sure that eventually my url will be used as a car chamois or as a dustcloth, and eventually it will be given to thrift shops where someone will mark it with a masking tape price label (“$2.00”, it will say in black sharpie) and put on a rusty wire hanger.  sweet!

i want to know, though, what kind of tshirt traffic i’m getting here.  obviously, “from the tshirt” is not something i’d find in my referrer logs, so i’m going to have to count on you, the reader.  if you came here from the tshirt, please email me and let me know so that i can calculate the percentage of bluishorange visitors that came here from paint on some cotton.