today i feel blah.
i don’t know what it is. usually i have something at least mildly interesting to say, but my mind is sort of a blank.

last night i went to see return to me, because it was the only thing jess and nicole and i could agree on (i wanted to see time code or the virgin suicides). nicole agreed for some reason, and i agreed because of the david duchovny factor. i don’t think he’s that good looking, really, but for some reason i think he’s cool. he’s just so deadpan. i love it. anyway the movie started out slow and uneven, but it got a bit better in the middle and towards the end. here’s the thing, though. david duchovny’s wife dies in a car accident at the beginning. jess cried, and i think nicole almost did, but i didn’t. i hardly ever cry at the movies. but i teared up at the end during the cookie-cutter happy ending scene. this always happens to me. guy in a blood-stained tux sleeps by the front door with his dead wife’s dog, i get nothing. tumor woman in erin brockovich finds out that she won her case and her family is being awarded five million dollars, i get all misty. does this mean i’m extra-cynical? the bad stuff happens often enough that it’s nothing to cry over, but the good stuff is a bloody miracle?

erin brockovich sucked. i went to see it because of aaron eckhart, who’s good in all the neil labute stuff.