been thinking today about things that made sense when i was a kid but seem really weird now.

  • every eight weeks or so my childhood was punctuated with a haircut. my sister and i went to this place where all the employees knew our names and we were “such pretty girls,” and julie would always cut our hair in that stylish dorothy hamill way. we went there for years. it was called crazy hair, which seemed a perfectly normal name for a hair salon at the time, but now sounds to me like they don’t want any customers other than tina turner or tammy faye bakker.
  • my family also went to church every week. there was a woman there every sunday who must have been at least eighty. her name was eleanor blome. when the pastor would say her name in prayers or announcements, i’d always think of a flower opening up, since her last name was blome, and i always do a word-picture association thing in my head with names. it didn’t even occur to me until recently that it’s kind of odd that that poor woman’s name is pronounced BLOW-ME.