anti-microsoft day

so today, at barbelith, it’s anti-microsoft day.

as i’ve said before, this site makes me want to vomit. but what also worries me is this. and what also worries me is the fact that we’re all (most of us, anyway) chained to this convoluted, bloated piece of crap that is the windows operating system, because everyone knows how to work it and how to (attempt to) fix it, and it’s easier if we all use the same thing. we (the average consumer) are allowing microsoft to become a monopoly of continuity. what we should be doing is finding (or making) a stable, functional operating system and all using that one, creating a monopoly of quality. but i’m sure monopolies of quality become lazy after time too. photoshop is practically a monopoly of quality, and it’s still kicking ass. i don’t know. i’m going to buy and island and found a meritocracy. want to join me?
Disclaimer: the preceding opinion is based on extremely limited knowledge of other operating systems. we love irony.