rock lobster!

hey, how come tommy lee always gets called “rocker tommy lee“?  according to google, he’s “rocker tommy lee” even more often than he’s “drummer tommy lee.”  what do you have to do to get called a rocker?  if tommy lee’s claim to rock is as dubious as i think it is, can i be a rocker, too?  here’s a list of things i could rock:

the vote
the jukebox
the microphone
the cradle of love
the casbah
the body
the rhythm
the house
the boat
the shack
the suburbs (just like quiet riot did)
the party
the sure shot
the catskills
the night away

your world
your neighborhood
your socks off
your body in time (ok, i believe you!)
your boys

this town
this joint
this place
this bitch
this mother
this motherfucker

me baby
me gently
me on the water
me like the rock of ages
me, amadeus

with me
with you
in the u.s.a.
in the free world
down to electric avenue
around the clock
a mic like a vandal
you, chaka khan
you like a hurricane