something to do

i started making jewelry when i got dumped.

i remember it was october something afternoon, and i was in my car, crying.  i’d been driving to school but i was crying so hard i could barely breathe, so i didn’t want to go to class.  instead i turned around and drove back toward my neighborhood, not sure of where to go.  i called my friend jessica to ask if i could come over to her house that evening after she got off work.

“of course,” she said.  “i’ll call you when i get home.  but here’s what i want you to do now.”

“what?” i said, still choking back sobs.

“i want you to find a craft store.  joann’s or michael’s or something like that.  go inside and get yourself something to do.  you need something to do.  buy some knitting stuff or beads or a sewing project or something.  it doesn’t matter what it is.  start working on it as soon as you get home.”

“okay,” i said.  it didn’t sound like a bad idea.

wearing sunglasses to cover my red eyes, i went into joann’s and looked around a bit.  since i’d dabbled in jewelry-making before, i decided i’d try the beads.  i bought nylon thread, clasps, and some glass and plastic beads, and started making jewelry as soon as i got home.

coral and turquoise on sterling silver wire.and it worked.  for the next few weeks i did almost nothing but sit on my couch with the tv on, stringing beads into necklaces and bracelets.  it was the only time i didn’t think about the things i didn’t want to think about.  i was making six or seven pieces a day on average, giving most of it away to friends and relatives, keeping a few things for myself.  eventually i didn’t need to keep myself busy anymore, but i kept making jewelry.  it turned out i’d found something i really enjoyed.

since then i’ve graduated to sterling silver wire and semi-precious gemstone beads, and i get all my supplies online at wholesale prices.  friends, relatives, and coworkers buy my jewelry often, and some have even commissioned custom work.

i’ve known for some time that i want to start a website for my jewelry.  it will be easy, too–i can photograph my jewelry, design and code the website, and set up payments all on my own, without any outside help.  what i can’t think of is a name.  i need something that’s not boring like alison’s jewelry or lengthy like alison headley designs or confusing like bluishorange jewelry or silly like bauble-head, although the latter is my favorite so far.  the name shouldn’t box me in as a designer or make me sound like a different person or, god forbid, like some lady who wears cat sweatshirts and uses the word “special” to describe things other than entrees and sale items.  know what i mean?

red aventurine and black tourmaline on sterling silver wire, with cymbal i need you guys to help me think of a name, ideally one that will work as a domain that isn’t already taken.  please comment below or send me an email if you have any ideas.  if i decide to use your suggestion, i’ll send you a free piece of jewelry or, if a free piece of jewelry doesn’t interest you, we’ll work something else out.

thanks in advance.