alas, this semester there will be no rundown of all the novels i’ll be reading, for there are none.  in line at the bookstore today, i found myself envying the girl in front of me, whose red plastic basket was full of books like my antonia and maggie, a girl of the streets.  debatably mediocre as those novels may be, they’re still novels and i miss them.  my textbooks have boring covers, meaningless titles, and multiple authors with letters after their names.  almost all of my classes are in auditoriums, with freshmen who sit together in the back and whisper so loudly that i can’t understand the professor, forcing me to read a novel instead of paying attention.

somewhere between the pharmacy and philosophy sections in the bookstore, i overheard a guy standing near me mutter, “where’s the logic?”
“there is no logic,” i replied absentmindedly, still searching for 1334.
“what, are they all gone?” he said.
“no,” i said, walking away.  “nevermind.”