every time I buy stuff at the drug store I wonder what it says about me. today I thought I was telegraphing college student on break! just a little embarassingly much, but I also had an unfair advantage since I knew I was on break even before I saw the contents of my basket. the cash register dude scanned it all through, expressionless enough that I could believe he wasn’t bothering to notice anything except the location of the barcode, but I wonder anyway. I know if I worked at a job like that I would have to make up some people-profiling games pretty quick to keep myself entertained.

breath mints and a pack of marlboro lights: wanted to quit, but couldn’t and settled for self-delusion instead.
two candy bars, two packs of gum, a fashion magazine, and a wedding magazine: divorced with kids, getting remarried.
disposable cameras, sunscreen, and a bag of lifesavers: going on vacation, taking a plane to get there.

you see? and god, how cool are these footnotes, hm? (r)