the retractable antenna on my car is broken, and every time i turn the radio on, the antenna slips up halfway and then stops.  it stops with a loud hollow *chunk* *chunk* *chunk* sound, twenty times in succession.  when i turn the radio off, it’s the same thing *chunk* *chunk* *chunk* as i roll my eyes and mutter.

it feels as though the radio doesn’t want to work.  it doesn’t want to concentrate; it’s got other things going on inside it that don’t involve playing music like it’s supposed to.  every time i try to make the radio do what i need it to do, it issues that long, raspy groan of protest *chunk* *chunk* *chunk* before the gears grind reluctantly into action.  twenty false starts before it finally clicks in, and even then things are not quite right.

*chunk* *chunk* *chunk*