i know…i can’t get them out of there

right. instead of writing my paper, i’m downloading elliott smith mp3s and making an amazon wishlist. an amazon wishlist! what the hell do i need that for? i’m not going to post a link to it or email it to friends and family or do anything with it at all. i hate amazon wishlists! god, i’m such a loser.

seriously, though, why can’t i just write this paper instead of sitting around complaining about it? in all the time i’ve spent worrying about it, i could have written it twice. but i can’t can’t do it, and i don’t know why. i’ve got the file open on my desktop, and as of now it consists of one page, beautifully formatted, with my name and date and english 3354 and the title. and that’s it.

“southern belle” was better live. am now reading entertainment weekly.