airport thoughts

1. I really like the fact that the Austin airport restaurants are almost all local businesses. Mangia, Austin Java, Amy’s Ice Cream, Maudie’s. It will make it easier to find something to eat if I get hungry.

2. I’m looking at a seeing-eye dog right now (a yellow lab), and it makes me miss Maude a lot. I know she’s safe and comfortable at a friend’s house, but I wish she were here to keep me company while I wait for my flight. Which wouldn’t really make sense. She’d have to buy a cheap ticket to get through security, and then she’d have to drive my car back home after my flight left. If she could do that, I’d get her to pick me up from the airport, too.

3. My flight out of Austin is delayed by an hour and a half, but I had a three-hour layover in Newark anyway, so I should make it. According to the check-in lady, “Ooh, you’re one of the only ones who will be okay.” Good to know I’ll be okay, thanks.

4. I really hate the fact that the Austin airport has no water fountains. I had to fill my water bottle with hot sink water.

5. It’s been a long time since I’ve flown anywhere (December 2006, maybe?) and an even longer time since I’ve flown internationally (July 2004, Ecuador), so this trip has made me really nervous so far. Do I have everything? Did I turn off the stove? Will my plug adapters work? Where’s my passport? Oh god, I don’t know any German!

6. Since I’m traveling alone (I’m meeting a friend in Europe, but the packing and driving and flights and such are all me), all those worries and nerves are confined to the inside of my head, making me feel alone in a way I wouldn’t if I had a flight companion. I could say out loud, “Did I turn off the stove?” but nobody else has the answer.

Update: the seeing-eye dog is going to be on my plane!  I hope his seat is next to mine!