small world

Just wanted to point out something I thought about this morning on the way to work, after remembering that tonight is the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies: a friend and I watched part of the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies from a Schlotzsky’s Deli in Berlin, just around the corner from the Checkpoint Charlie museum.  So weird for two native Texans to watch a television event taking place in China from a chain restaurant in Berlin that was originally founded in Texas.
*Note: we did not choose to go into a Schlotszky’s in Europe on purpose.

13-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Classmates Spread Nude Photos

While the media insists on calling this a ‘sexting-related suicide,’ it’s much more accurately referred to as a ‘slut-shaming suicide.’ Because the photograph she sent is not what drove this poor girl to kill herself — the non-consensual spreading of the photograph, and the subsequent reaction that her classmates and all adults in positions of authority had to it seems to absolutely have been what drove her to despair.”
Yes, and if I never hear the word “sexting” again, I’ll be happy. (via mefi)