musical voyeurism

For no reason at all, here are the top 35 most-played songs on my iTunes at work.  I wish I were still the kind of person who uploaded mp3 files of all these songs for you, but I’m not.  You should really look into Helvetia, though.

Broken Social Scene – Hotel
Cary Brothers – Canada
Helvetia – Beezlebub
Helvetia – Gladness (Is In the Heart)
Helvetia – Summer
Interpol – PDA
Liz Phair – Shane
Magnetic Fields – Two Characters in Search of a Country Song
The National – Fake Empire
The National – Mistaken for Strangers
The New Pornographers – Myriad Harbour
The Pixies – Bone Machine
The Pixies – Holiday Song
Rogue Wave – Harmonium
Rogue Wave – Like I Needed
Rogue Wave – Chicago x 12
Rogue Wave – Lake Michigan
Rogue Wave – Ghost
Rogue Wave – Sewn Up
The Sea and Cake – Up on Crutches
The Sea and Cake – Too Strong
The Sea and Cake – Crossing Line
The Sea and Cake – Middlenight
The Sea and Cake – Coconut
The Sea and Cake – Exact to Me
The Sea and Cake – Lightning
Shout out Louds – Blue Headlights
Shout out Louds – Normandie
Stars – My Favourite Book
Stars – The Ghost of Genova Heights
Sun Kil Moon – Lily and Parrots
Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio
Tegan and Sara – Back in Your Head
Wolf Parade – Grounds for Divorce
Wolf Parade – Shine a Light