every time I buy stuff at the drug store I wonder what it says about me. today I thought I was telegraphing college student on break! just a little embarassingly much, but I also had an unfair advantage since I knew I was on break even before I saw the contents of my basket. the cash register dude scanned it all through, expressionless enough that I could believe he wasn’t bothering to notice anything except the location of the barcode, but I wonder anyway. I know if I worked at a job like that I would have to make up some people-profiling games pretty quick to keep myself entertained.

breath mints and a pack of marlboro lights: wanted to quit, but couldn’t and settled for self-delusion instead.
two candy bars, two packs of gum, a fashion magazine, and a wedding magazine: divorced with kids, getting remarried.
disposable cameras, sunscreen, and a bag of lifesavers: going on vacation, taking a plane to get there.

you see? and god, how cool are these footnotes, hm? (r)


it just occurred to me that I live in a different time zone than bluishorange. so I can post on saturday and have it show up on friday, and soon the web will be all full of time travel paradoxes and good stuff like that. because we can always use another way to get lost on the internet.

I think time machines should be used for things of smallest consequence, because those are really the interesting parts of life when you come right down to it. so I could go back three hours and watch the flow of expressions across my face when I looked in the mirror and realized I am so happy right now that it terrifies me.

…or maybe I would go back to yesterday, take myself to tomorrow, and skip this dumb assignment. (r)


…however I do not have blue hair, and I am not a finalist at sxsw. so I think we see where I fall on the coolness scale. and I am off to make up a whole lot of stuff about buddhist women and hope that the professor doesn’t know I have no idea what I’m talking about, so I think we also see where I fall on the academic scale. I’ll do my best, though. (r)