new stuff I did in February

Lots of homebody shit in this one. February’s usually like that, isn’t it? You guys had better get ready, though, because all the face-meltingly awesome stuff I did on the cruise will be on the list for March!

  • made a paper garland for a party
  • sewed a hat
  • sang the karaoke song I always knew I’d be good at (Yay, I finally found a song list with Brass in Pocket on it!)
  • made my own calendar (sort of)
  • made a pincushion
  • bought a serger (and loved it!)
  • sang along with 80’s power ballads until my throat hurt
  • used professional lighting for a photography gig
  • discovered how much I love watching Chuck
  • sewed using oilcloth
  • bought a bag from Cinnamon!

3 thoughts on “new stuff I did in February

  1. yay! Chuck! Isn’t it the awesome?! One of my other favourite shows is The Big Bang Theory!

  2. Chuck is indeed The Awesome. I’ve heard good things about Big Bang Theory, but lately I have trouble enjoying studio-audience sitcoms. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

  3. Which bag did you buy from Cinnamon? I’d never heard of her before, so thanks for the link. I love hearing about any clothing/accessories made by hand/from sweatshop-free materials. Bring it on!

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