And sometimes my past and my present try to blend together on one day.  But it’s like oil and water, isn’t it?  You can’t mix them; you have to choose one or the other.

6 thoughts on “mixology

  1. It’s funny coz’ I always thought our present self is the sum of our past – inevitably, it is all the same?!

  2. I disagree, Kik.

    Our present self is the sum total of the decisions we make. It is not the same because we look to our past to improve our decisions for the future – precisely so that we do not recreate our failures and mistakes.

    It’s how we make decisions that separate our pasts from our presents.

  3. You can totally mix oil and water. You just need a water with some surfactant in it — vinegar or lemon juice — and you can whisk the oil in slowly, drop by drop. Yum, emulsion!

  4. I think what shaun’s trying to say is that with enough chemicals and violence, yes, you can get along with your family.

  5. see, why do i run into a thread like this right AFTER i’ve committed to holiday cards for the year? fine, 2009 will be the year of salad dressing.

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