8 thoughts on “this is ridiculous

  1. My father and I can’t talk about politics because of this. His only point of discussion is the photo of Obama visiting Kenya in traditional dress. You know how every so often the Daily Show will send a reporter out on the street to collect asinine quotes from middle Americans? That’s my dad now.

    He’s Texan, too.

  2. I wonder if you further dug down and asked those 23% whether or not being a Muslim would make Obama a bad president, what the responses would be. That many would probably say yes is what really scares me. There’s passive ignorance, and then there’s active, destructive ignorance. I can deal with the former, on the whole, but not with the latter.

    And this is coming from someone who has profound disagreements with the many of Obama’s principles. Opinion and values, though, do not change truth.

  3. my grandparents (in texas) had a medicare rep come to her house for a home visit and instead of sticking to the medical stuff, she went off about how obama is a muslim and friend of terrorists (and so on). it scares me to think that she’s been going around to homes of senior citizens telling them things that aren’t true for her own agenda.

    (my grandparents voted early for obama though, so at least she didn’t get them!)

  4. Oh, you don’t even know. I have been informed by my ignorant, annoying suite-mate that Texas will SECEDE if Obama wins the election.

  5. please remember that your state has its own embarrassments.

    while I can’t say I’m proud of my fellow texans, please remember the majority of the state *does* know the facts so please do not stereotype us, but more importantly do not assume we are all the same.

  6. not proud of my fellow texans on *this* issue. I am proud of many of them on a variety of other issues….Nolan Ryan, Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Gene Roddenberry….and others.

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