17 thoughts on “where else will I get my pie-maker fix?

  1. I have the biggest crush on Ned and I spread the gospel of the pie-maker all the time. So count me as a small part of the Internet that is definitely, religiously watching.

  2. omg, i love the pie-maker. i’d love to go as the girl named chuck for halloween, but no one would know. lame. totally lame. i love pushing daisies. *sigh*

  3. I was gonna go as Lily Charles, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with my funny hair. The eyepatch would’ve been fun to make, though…

  4. Yeah, as it is if they listen to me, all shows will be canceled and replaced with a 24-hour feed of David Attenborough living with beavers in Ontario, and the different channels will just have different camera angles.

  5. hey! my roommate and i are obsessively watching the episodes multiple times on my computer. it’s a fun apartment obsession!
    glad to help further the cause of both pushing daisies and lee pace. (*sigh* he’s so dreeeeeeeeeeamy. that’s totally the roommate talking. not me. nope. nope. i stick to damian lewis on life. word.)

  6. Also, for more Lee Pace, fantastic writing and a great show that got canceled too early – check out Wonderfalls. The whole (short) series is available on Netflix.

  7. Nielsen just sent me a full-on TV diary (and $30!), so I’ll see what I can do about this pies thing. It’s probably OK if there’s one channel not showing The Life of Beavers.

  8. Yes, yes, yes!! I am glad to hear it will be back on the 19th. My kids and I have been searching for it to no avail in our listings. We love everything about this show: the glamorous, vintage inspired wardrobe, the Winnie-the-Pooh style narrator, Ned’s caterpillar eyebrows, Chuck’s hilariously gorgeous and dysfunctional aunts, Olive’s unrequited love and especially Emerson freaking Cod. I wish I were a Nielsen family. Of course, Wonderfalls and Firefly would still be on if I had my way, so I can’t claim to be mainstream.

  9. i must admit that while my roommate started watching the show for lee pace, i was kinda there for the presence of kristin chenoweth. the minute raul esparza showed up as alfredo, though, that moment is when they had me hooked. (oh, my musical theater geekery knows no bounds.) yeah, when he started talking i paused the dvd to ask the room if it was who i thought it was and only received blank stares from everyone. as if everyone doesn’t know who raul esparza is. sheesh.

    i’ve been having strange moments of recognition while watching tv on dvd lately. if you ever feel the need to watch an old cbs spy-type show, i recommend the equalizer. a different roommate and i were watching the first season and every episode i would point and say something to the effect of, “hey! it’s bill from bill & ted!” or, “Oh my god! that’s bradley whitford as a drunken yuppy bad guy! and his cohort is the blond guy from karate kid! sweep the leg!” Seriously. There was an episode with jim dale in it. And mr. X from the X-Files. it’s a barrel of laughs. most of them directed at me.

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