6 thoughts on “dubious distinction

  1. Yeah, I had a vague recollection of you saying you were on a list like this, so I went back and looked, and there you were. You’re right about the bad jokes, too.

  2. Oh, please…he uses alliteration AND metaphor. You don’t think he’s brilliant? (I’m 99% sure this will come across as sarcastic, but just in case, I feel the need to add the disclaimer that yes, I do believe he is a hat made of ass).

  3. This dude HAS to be trying to be ironic. There’s no way anybody’s that unfunny, is there? I mean, come on. Or he’s 12. There’s really no other option.

    But linking to him is undoubtedly giving him exactly what he wants. I bet he’d rather have you link to him than “watch TV” with him…

  4. is that Mister E, from that show? anyway, in five years this dude is *totally* gonna be the funniest construction worker on the site.

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