it’s probably just me

you know what itunes needs?  a ratings system that allows for “this song is beautiful, but i never, ever want to hear it.”  sometimes at work i like to play my top-rated songs on shuffle so that everything that comes up is, like, my favorite song EVAR.  but i have a lot of top-rated songs that are too depressing or sentimental for everyday office listening.

so what do i do with these songs?  i don’t want to give them no rating at all, because, dammit, they are FIVE STAR. but i can’t give them five stars or else they’ll creep up on me in the shuffle, and that’s like having all your most intense memories come up behind you in your cubicle and smack you in the head.  which isn’t really conducive to productivity, or to your coworkers not thinking you’re insane when you get all sad for no reason.  “don’t be upset,” they’d say to you.  “it’s just a server error.”

but it’s never just a server error, is it?

what i’d like to have is a six-star ratings system, wherein the six-starred songs would show up when you sorted your music by highest rating, but they’d never play in shuffle mode.  the six-starred songs are highly volatile, see?  they’re so sensitive that they can’t be played spontaneously without risk of system failure.