every year at sxsw, a combination of loud parties, constant talking, and lack of sleep sends my voice lower and lower in pitch until the last day (tuesday) when i sound like kathleen turner. this year i must have done a lot more partying and talking because i reached kathleen turner on monday, joan rivers on tuesday, and wednesday i could barely talk at all. on my panel monday (some photos), i had to introduce myself as “alison headley, and i’m losing my voice.”

“wow,” carrie said when we met in the green room before the panel, “you’re like peter brady.”

but the panel went well otherwise. i got to speak up about whether or not you can take something back after it’s already been published on your site and put in a digital archive, and i talked about the separation of design from content. and i name-checked sleater-kinney! there’ll be a podcast up eventually, so i’ll let you know when that is. download it and hear my voice crack!

i am very upset about the fact that, when i left the panel room, i forgot to take my place card with me. i really wanted it.
(update: hugh forrest saw this post and emailed me with an offer to mail me my place card. yay!)

(we’ll talk more about sxsw later.)