this is so 2001

i got tagged and tagged, so here you go:

four jobs I’ve had:

1. grocery-store cashier
2. waitress
3. htmlification expert
4. jewelry maker

four movies I can watch over and over:

1. election
2. the big lebowski
3. back to the future
4. state and main

four places I’ve lived:

1. houston, tx
2. austin, tx
3. london for a month
4. inside my own head

four tv shows I love:

1. arrested development
2. the x-files
3. buffy the vampire slayer
4. gilmore girls

four places I’ve vacationed:

1. ecuador
2. new york, ny
3. marfa, tx
4. london

four of my favorite dishes:

1. my own recipe for cashew chicken
2. garlic tofu from mai’s in houston
3. pasta primavera with chicken from my old restaurant
4. pizza, any

four sites I visit daily:

1. yahoo news
2. ebay
3. jko
4. me

four places I would rather be right now:

1. at the bank, depositing a check large enough to pay my rent
2. at sxsw
3. in london
4. on a road trip with friends

four bloggers I am tagging:

1. ryan
2. shaun
3. rabi
4. jess