things that did not happen

1.  i did not get a job as a part-time receptionist at an animal clinic.  the interview went really well, i thought: the manager and i got along famously, and i had good answers for all the questions she asked.

but then she asked me if i had any questions for her.  i asked her if i would ever have to break bad news to someone, because i’d already decided that i couldn’t take a job where i’d have to call someone and tell them their dog died.  she said that i wouldn’t have to break bad news to anyone, that the doctors usually do that.

but then she said that sometimes people would come in to get their pets euthanized, and i would have to ask them if they wanted their pet’s ashes back, and if so, what kind of urn did they want.  that made me think about what i’d want if maude died, which made me tear up a little bit, right there in the interview.  i apologized, and she said it was okay; she wanted her employees to be empathetic about these things.

anyway, i didn’t get that job, perhaps because i was a little too empathetic.  which is sad, because i was looking forward to sewing my own scrubs.

2.  i did not get any other jobs, either.

3.  i did not vacuum the apartment.

4.  the situation with my neighbor’s dog did not get resolved.  here is the situation with my neighbor’s dog:

some new people moved into the apartment across the way from us.  our patio faces their patio and front door, and i noticed that they were keeping what looked like a pit bull in their apartment.  i didn’t know if our complex had a pet weight restriction or not, but they always had the dog on a leash, so it didn’t really bother me.

but then they started shutting the pit bull outside on their patio.  by itself.  for hours.  it would bark and wail and howl and whine, and once in awhile the owners would come outside and tell it to shut up, which it wouldn’t.  the noise was a bit unnerving, but mostly i felt bad for the poor dog, because if i were locked outside in a small enclosure for long periods of time, i’d make a lot of noise too.

so i went to the office, told the apartment manager about the situation, and made the following points:

  1. that’s a terrible thing to do to any dog, ever.
  2. dogs like pit bulls and rottweilers and such are considered aggressive, but isn’t it true that these dogs become aggressive largely as a result of mistreatment by humans?
  3. leaving a dog on a patio in the cold for six hours certainly qualifies as mistreatment.  my dog is never on the patio unless she comes out there with me to sit on my lap, lay out in the sun, or watch people walking by.  when i go inside, she goes inside.
  4. is there a weight restriction? **  if there is, this dog certainly exceeds it.

the manager agreed with me that the situation was unacceptable, and told me she would go talk to them about it.  but it’s been a week now and the poor dog’s still out there.  today i’m going to go talk to her again.

**it should be noted that i wouldn’t report someone to the management just for violating a weight-restriction rule.  i don’t care if your dog is huge as long as you’re nice to it.  but these people are not being nice to their dog, so i’m willing to invoke any rule i can to get it to stop.  i’ll make a noise complaint if i have to.

5.  i did not put up any new stuff on i like beads, but i am having a huge sale. </plug>

6.  i did not finish reading the following books:
(* denotes books i already read once before)

charming billy
the great gatsby*
the floating opera*
edwin mullhouse*
less than zero
the god of small things

i finished hey nostradamus, though.  it was okay.