scene:  a family of three — young parents about my age with their five-year-old daughter — and an additional teenaged girl come into the restaurant and sit down at a table for four.

me:  hello, how are you?  can i get you all something to drink?

teenaged girl:  i’ll have a sprite.

me:  okay.  (to the five-year-old) what would you like to drink?

five-year-old:  do you [something unintelligible]?

me:  i’m sorry, what did you say?

her mom:  she said, “do you like anime?”

me:  um, i don’t know.  i guess i never watched much anime.

five-year-old:  do you like [something else unintelligible]?

her dad:  honey, she’s not into anime.  she likes indie rock.

five-year-old:  do you like gorillaz?

me:  yes!