jessica takes me out to the garage to show me her new bike.  it’s all newfangled and silvery-blue, with the helmet hanging from one of the handlebars.
     “it’s a comfort bike,” she says, playing with the helmet.  “it’s between a mountain bike and a hybrid.”
     “ooh!” i say, looking at the tires.  “i know what you’re talking about! james’s bike is a hybrid!”
     “oh,” she says.  “yeah, i’ve been riding around the neighborhood every day.”
     i lean in to look at the pedals.  there’s a little round sticker on each one, with a L for the left pedal and an R for the right.  i laugh.  “so they want to make sure you know which pedal is which, so you don’t put your feet on the wrong ones?”
     she laughs too.  “yeah, they don’t want you to ride it backwards.”
     “i guess if you did that you could steer with your ass.”