people who bring you water when you don’t feel well, and sit next to you on the floor in a corner of the club (where you can’t see the stage at all) for the whole rest of the show.  when you tell them that they really don’t have to stay with you, they assure you that they want to stay, claiming that the acoustics are much better from the floor.

people who don’t think it’s weird when you sit on the lid of the toilet and grin at them in the mirror as they brush their teeth, just to freak them out.

people who are still friends with you despite the fact that it’s hard to be friends with you.

people who, when you accidentally elbow them in the middle of the night (for you are used to sleeping in a bed by yourself), don’t wake up or even stop snoring, but ask you in their sleep if you need a sweater.  they don’t remember this the next morning.

people who let you sing along with an entire grandaddy album (your current favorite), even though they only like one of the songs.

people who curl up with you in the car on the trip back, taking pictures and wearing silly hats and watching the rain splat on the windows.

people who call you when they get there.

people who loan you their cooler so you can take home their thanksgiving leftovers that they cooked for you.

people who sit next to you at the movies and let you whisper snarky comments in their ear, even though they are fully aware that you’re both a know-it-all and a movie snob.

people who phone you at two a.m. from someone else’s house, just to say hi.