what, are you kidding me?  of course still life with woodpecker is fiction!  i’m majoring in fiction!  what else would i recommend to you, silly?

anyway, mark is back from his marathon vacation in cyprus, with some beautiful photos and commentary.  i think that this photo is my absolute favorite.  speaking of photos, my london ones are imminent.  tomorrow, maybe?

and speaking of mark, i think a lot lately about how everyone is somewhere else.  there are so many great people out there that i would love to spend time with on a regular basis, were they not all so far away all the time.  really, am i making friends or losing them?

oh, and are you guys going to fray day 5?  i got asked to be a featured storyteller in austin, and i have no idea what i’m going to say!  it’s going to be great!  also, scary!