just now i saw an ad for a late-night broadcast movie on a local houston station. “from the director of planet of the apes,” the announcer’s voice boomed, “tim burton’s first film: pee-wee’s big adventure.”

i saw planet of the apes, and i can tell you honestly that it was without a doubt one of the funniest movies i have ever seen, and not in the good way.  the plot was silly and predictable, the climax the embodiment of deus ex machina (if you see it, you’ll understand), and the ending, god, the ending.  i almost fell outta my chair.  it was totally worth my student-discounted price to see such hilarious tripe.

oh, tim burton, what have you done?  really, i thought pee-wee’s big adventure was sort of excellent.  it was campy and weird and didn’t take itself seriously at all.  and look at all the other stuff he did, too!  edward scissorhands, batman, beetlejuice, the nightmare before christmas, ed wood, all that stuff was pretty awesome.  and then he did mars attacks, and sleepy hollow, and now the planet where apes evolve from bad actors.  i don’t think i like this new tim burton, who looks in his imdb photo like an elderly woman with a dye job.  i think it’s so strange that they used such a bad film to advertise such a cool one.

really, though, you should see planet of the apes.  it’s so bad.