(9:57 pm GMT)  today i made a map of the holborn tube stop.  diane and holly and i wandered up and down stairs and escalators and across platforms, pens and paper in hand as we drew lines, crossed them out, turned, looked, drew again.  an underground employee stopped to ask us if we were okay.  i can only imagine what we must have looked like: obsessive tourists really intent on finding the exact way round.  funny.

now i’m going to go back to the dorms, finalize the map, put laundry in the dryer, and write six short journal entries for class tomorrow.  do i have any free time?  not so much.  tomorrow evening i’m going to take the train to oxford to see my best friend from when i was five.  i haven’t seen her since then, so we’ll have to find each other on the train platform somehow, and then catch up on the last fifteen years.  how am i supposed to summarize fifteen years?  junior high high school college waitress waitress college web design college college internet london.  it doesn’t make any sense at all.

oh, and look!  it’s us in the park, and me in mark’s sunglasses!  as mark said, we kicked life in the ass.  i may not have much free time, but i’ll definitely see mark again before i leave next week.  next week!  jesus.