On March 14, 2001 our server suffered a hard disk failure.  We are currently restoring files from backup.  At this point some files and databases are not restoring correctly.  We will have full staff all night long to aid in resolving your problems.

jeez. i leave for a few days and everything goes haywire.  i also can’t get my email, so if you’ve sent me anything since march eighth, i assure you i’m not aware of it.  and if you get any 404s or broken images and things, i’m not aware of that, either, and you can’t email to tell me about it.

anyway, i didn’t win, but i had such a great time that i’m not bothered by it at all.  as i said to someone, i’d rather lose and have fun than win and not have fun.  so it’s good, yeah?  yeah.  i don’t think i have the time or the energy or the wherewithal to be able to describe to you just how awesome and wonderful and fun it all was.  and really, i’m not sure i want to; because i don’t think it would work.  it just was.

i doubt i’ll be writing too terribly much over the rest of spring break; my jet-set lifestyle simply won’t allow it, you know.  but i’ll be around.  thanks to rabi for writing stuff and things while i was gone. she is awesome, too.

oh.  and this really happened.