do you know about texas weather? no?

this morning it was sunny, this afternoon it rained, this evening it was sunny, and tonight there were thunderstorms. the weather people predict local forecasts nine days in advance, but the only way you can really tell what the weather’s going to be like in texas is by living here for a few years, and then sticking your head out the window. the weather is unpredictable, temperamental, volatile, which is unsurprising considering that weather is essentially the analysis of free-range water and air.

so tomorrow i leave for sxsw, about which i am quite nervous. when it comes to new experiences there’s never any telling how i’m going to act, no telling which role i’m going to pull from my repertoire. sometimes new experiences make me retreat into my shell, and sometimes they make me come out and do a little dance on top of the shell before jumping off and running up and down the beach, laughing.

yup, just water and air.