so, a story:

a couple of weeks ago, i was at my parents’ house, i can’t remember what for.  my parents have a cd burner, a scanner, free food, and free toilet paper, so there’s really no telling what i was doing there.

anyway, my mom and dad weren’t there, is the thing, and i was messing around on their computer.  they generally have some sort of nature-scene desktop picture, but that day they didn’t have anything.  so i put this up, knowing that my parents wouldn’t hate it, but they probably wouldn’t love it, either.

when my dad came home from work, i was sitting on the couch reading something or other, as i am wont to do.  predictably, a few minutes after my dad went into the study to check his email, i heard him say, “hey!  what did you do to the computer?”
“what do you mean?” i said, knowing full well what he meant.
“why is there explodingdog on my desktop?”
“how do you know that’s what it is?” i asked, really, really surprised that he knew.
“oh, come on, alison,” he said.  “i know what explodingdog is.”

my dad is cool.