i’ve no clue as to the reasoning behind it, but lately i am seeing the return of my repetitive strain injury.  my worsening rsi was part of the reason i quit my web design job and went back to school.  i figured if i wasn’t spending eight hours a day on a computer, my rsi would probably go away.  and it did go away, for quite awhile.  last semester the tingling aches in my arms and the numbness in my back had all but disappeared.

right now, however, i can barely type with my right hand.

and i hate it.  i hate the fact that the two things i love doing most in the world are causing me to feel as if my arms don’t belong to me.  i hate that when i reach back to touch my shoulder blade, i can’t feel it at all.  i hate that the bones in my right forearm feel like electric heat rods deep down, radiating waves of ache out towards my skin.

can any of you teach me some keyboard-mouse telepathy?