plays attended which were authored by my drama professor: 1/2
unruly schoolchildren present at the play: 3 zillion
unruly schoolchildren eating taco bell during the play: 3 zillion
unruly schoolchildren who laughed in all the wrong places: 3 zillion
unruly schoolchildren who received looks of death from me and my classmates: 3 zillion
plays deserted at intermission: 1
anne bradstreet papers written: 7/8
loads of laundry completed: 2
dell support representatives spoken with: 1
minutes spent on phone with dell support representative: 45
unsuccessful attempts to fix my monitor: 11
fuzzy gray lines streaking across my display: 3 zillion
brand-new monitors being shipped to me by dell: 1

holy cow, today is just as productive as yesterday.  and i have a knife wound on my arm, which makes me look so tough and cool and hard-core.  i am a total badass.

oh, i forgot.  pigtails: 2