today is a good day.

before british novel class hanh walked up to me with a backpack full of a shoebox full of cds!  she lent me twenty of her cds just because!  there is a lot of saint etienne, some smiths, stone roses, my bloody valentine, the housemartins, and a bunch of other stuff.  can you feel me getting schooled as we speak?  you probably can’t!

so rob and i wrote hanh a song during class, passing the piece of paper back and forth, taking turns with the verses.  i took the bridge, most of which was “oh, no!” and “bay-beeeeeeee!”, and rob wrote the chorus, which consisted of “dah-dah-dah, no! no! no!” and the like.  she loved it, though, especially the part that went, “she bought me a burrito at la tapatia” and the part that said, “her trident gum helps me fight gum disease.”  we don’t know what the tune is, but we do know that it’s totally electrified.

after class i went to the library, which got evacuated as soon as i walked in.  so instead i went and talked to my american fiction professor, who told me that one of my assignments was brilliant.  rock!  then phil and i went to artiste, where in two hours i read a long anne bradstreet poem and came up with a thesis statement and an extended outline for a paper i have to write on said poem.  i felt smart and cool and productive and happy.

today was a good day until just now when i unloaded the dishwasher and accidentally stabbed myself in the arm with a paring knife.  i am still attempting to stanch the flow of blood.