i was driving back from dinner this evening and i turned on the radio, a thing i rarely do since buying a sorry excuse for a portable cd player.  what i thought was “under pressure” turned out to be “ice ice baby,” so of course i cranked the volume right up in the name of cultural research.  sadly, i discovered that the song we’d all loved so much as impressionable twelve-year-olds in fact completely sucks.  anything less than the best really is a felony.

and of course, houston radio being the abysmal place that it is, “in a big country” came on next.  so i cranked it up for that one, too, remembering that last year when we were working on this site, we’d yell “dreams stay with you!” every time someone mentioned the company name.  you remember.

i pulled into my parking space, got out of the car, and walked up to the back door of my apartment, at which point i inadvertently stepped on a frog, crushing it.  it felt and sounded like breaking glass.