ugly, but permanent

i spent a lovely evening with phil, studying at notsuoh, watching dadaist films at the aurora picture show, and drinking beers and less-than-impressive manhattans at the harp. i came home just now and laughed loud at rob’s recent post, which contained the phrase “greedy is one fat bitch.” i positively cackled at the gratuitous length of the link title he’d attached to the phrase “down in it.” i do so love my new friends. all of you.

it’s made me think, actually, about how my different friends have been acquired by different aspects of my personality. it’s not something i can quantify, obviously, but my friends are definitely not all the same and as such i have to assume that different parts of me attract and are attracted to different parts of them. it’s interesting in a passive sense, in that i will sit back and enjoy it rather than doing some sort of odd misguided research, which is probably the best idea for all concerned.

by the way, if you understood that all my post titles from yesterday, december ninth, were disco stu quotes from the simpsons, then you are on my list of cool. a dubious distinction, admittedly, but a distinction nonetheless.

i’m totally starving just now. but at three a.m. there’s nothing i can do about it save eating canned apricots that i yahooed from my parents’ house, which probably originated in 1984. instead there’s a new mp3.