fuck, who needs to write a paper?

first-ever public email forum:
since you and Rob (who u keep talk about in your weblog) …well, why not just get married… just a wacky suggestion.

well, my overly curious reader, that is indeed quite the wacky suggestion! however, it just so happens that i am already married, to an aglet millionaire in exile in the falkland islands. granted, i’ve never actually met him, but we’re insanely happy, and i hear he has a trampoline. also, rob is made of wax and safety pins and as such is hardly marriage material. thanks so much for asking, though. if i ever marry rob so that i can melt him down for materials to fix my other husband’s abandoned aglet factory, you’ll be the first to know.

any other questions?

in which i go off on the disgust-ola being fed daily to us poor houstonians by klol. heretofore, they suck, even though they play “alice’s restaurant” on thanksgiving.