sad bastard music

at the risk of ruining my already dubious indie rock credibility, i briefly loaned thomas my coldplay cd to play at the coffeehouse tonight.  i call it a risk because my already-dubious indie rock credibility is for some dumb reason important to me, and i am at the moment clinging desperately to its last vestiges.  as such, loaning my new and beautiful coldplay cd to thomas, the surgeon general of indie rock, made me quite nervous.  i would have, stupidly, taken it personally if he hated it, mostly because i love it so much, but partially because of my inferior indie rock status.  i am a lame-o. it was, truly, a nerve-wracking experience, but a successful one as it turns out, for he said it was good.  we had a punk rock-out, without the punk rock.  so it was just out.  rock.

(addendum: okay, okay, ryan is way more indie rock than thomas is. but i’ve known ryan longer, which makes his indie rock cred less significant, in this case. also, it was his cd.)

“do i listen to pop music because i’m miserable?  or am I miserable because i listen to pop music?”