right. an uneventful evening, delightfully so, finishing the first draft of my paper and talking to various strangers who stopped by my table for reasons that i cannot explain other than that my table was right next to the door. so everyone got their little friday-night dose of literature on their way out of the coffeehouse. don’t they all wish they could be dorks like me…

not much writing going on this week, is there? i’ve recently had some interesting reactions from the non-internet-savvy when i mention this site.
“you write a journal on the internet?”
“oh my god, i could never do that.”
“so, like, anyone can see it?”
well, it’s my mistake for using the word journal as it’s somewhat misleading, but it’s the only word i can think of to describe this to people who won’t know what i’m talking about when i try to explain. regardless, the almost-inevitable disdain in their voices sort of bugs me. from now on i shall be more careful with my url…