i’m trying to think over the growling hum of my refrigerator, but it’s not working. sometimes if i hit my hand really hard against the side of the refrigerator, the noise stops for a few minutes, but then it always starts back up again. it’s been moaning continuously for months now. i think what it’s doing is gradually harvesting all my energy so that i can do nothing but drag myself around campus, slothlike, until i get home and watch tv on the futon. ugh, i feel sick. want to hear about my surplus of snot? i didn’t think so.

today in creative writing class my professor was talking about moments of epiphany; those moments when you figure something out that’s been bothering you, when things become illuminated. he told us a really neat story about when he remembered being cared for as a child by a strange woman. he couldn’t figure out who she was for a long time, until finally he realized that she was his father’s mistress’s daughter, who was keeping him occupied while his father and the mistress were in the back bedroom. interesting. he also said that everyone has at least one epiphany every single day, and it is the job of the writer to remember those epiphanies, even the tiny ones about grocery lists or bills or movies. but, see, i can’t think of a single epiphany i had today.

so i am either really boring, or not cut out to be a writer. hmm.