oh hell, i don’t know.
i’m tired.
i’m bored.
i want to rearrange the study.
i want a cold front.
i want a palm pilot.
i want the fifth harry potter book.
i want to have Good Story Ideas.
i want some things to be different.

some things, mind you, not all of the things. i’m okay, really, besides the aforementioned fatigue and boredom.

so, tomorrow i leave for arkansas – amanda and i are driving to fayetteville for a wedding. we’ll sit in a chapel among the rolling hills, in a pew among the sorority sisters, and watch as our friend holley does the very thing we always knew she’d be the first of us to do. at the reception we’ll remain sober (it’s a baptist wedding) as we dance with corn-fed arkansas boys. it should prove to be interesting. anyway, i certainly don’t expect to find any cute little internet cafes anywhere, so i won’t be updating until monday night at the earliest, i imagine. have a seriously bitchin’ weekend, everyone.

i want email.