it’s sort of worrisome that i’m about to be a creative writing major, and yet lately i don’t want to write anything. writing isn’t a good enough distraction from thought, and distraction from thought is really what i need. so i surf the web, and hang out with friends, and read entertainment weekly as i watch the same movies over and over again. does anyone want to send me some new movies, by the way? tomorrow, the marathon week of studying for placement tests begins. i suppose i could start that today, but i can’t bring myself to crack open the algebra book just yet, partly because of the rather creepy cover photo of three nerdy kids roped to one another, rock-climbing. seems quite unrelated to algebra, does it not? perhaps i’m missing something.

i’ve been craving change, which is odd since it’s usually my nature to fear and avoid it. in the past few weeks i’ve broken up, quit my job, changed my major, registered as a full-time student, chopped off my hair, and redesigned my website. i’d move apartments too, but i’m only three months into my year-long lease, so i’m rearranging the furniture instead. i don’t know how effective all this will be, but i do know that i couldn’t go on anymore in the same routine that i had all summer; it would feel strange and wrong somehow. so i hope it will work.

ryan and i saw fear and loathing in las vegas last night. it was very surreal, and so quite good in that sense if you’re into that sort of thing, which i am. but i could definitely see how it didn’t do the book justice, which i think was the general consensus when it came out in the theaters. i’ve never read the book, but the narration was really eloquent, so i think i’ll try to get around to reading it eventually.

i think for halloween i’m going to go as a female hunter s. thompson – plaid pants, white sneakers, big yellow glasses, cigarette holder, and my long curly hair under a white fishing hat. it’s probably not a terribly original idea, but it would be fun, and i’m convinced i could pull it off, provided i actually go anywhere for halloween.

at the beginning of the movie, when dr. gonzo and raoul duke are pulled over on the highway in a red convertible on the way to vegas from los angeles, it reminded me of swingers, when trent and mike are pulled over on the highway in a red convertible on the way from vegas to los angeles. two unrelated movies with two completely different and yet similar scenes.

“do you think we’ll get there by midnight?”
“baby, we’re going to be up five hundy by midnight!”

also, apparently i am psychic.