i’m a bit late on this, but…

twenty-four useless facts
1. i am twenty-two years old, going on fifty.
2. i am of english and german descent.
3. i have red hair, green eyes with gold streaks (although one ex-boyfriend insisted they were blue), and am so white you can see directly through me if the sun hits just right.
4. i live in houston, texas with me, myself, and i.
5. i drink bass ale and cape cods. drinking two beers puts me in the same buzzed state as drinking four cape cods. go figure.
6. i am a disheartened and cynical web designer.
7. i drive a black 1996 acura integra. if it sits in the sun long enough, the steering wheel is too hot to touch.
8. i choose php as my programming language of choice. well, i don’t really choose it, but it’s the only one i know (besides html, obviously).
9. i own no o’reilly books.
10. i have an innie.
11. i wear doc martens and inexpensive yet fashionable shoes from target. my favorite are my straw sandals. they will likely fall apart any day now, which is fine because they were only nine dollars.
12. i have a tattoo of a moon and two stars, and i also have eight ear piercings. between yanda and i, there are nine earrings and one tattoo.
13. i think everything is wrong.
14. i sleep in an orange space suit.
15. i use my brain for appointments, and my cell phone for numbers.
16. i want to use deepleap, but i can’t be arsed to customize my bookmarks and everything.
17. popcorn gets stuck in my teeth.
18. i think my friends and i are wicked sexy. we’re young and hip and we’ve got rhythm. rock!
19. i love the dark. and rain, but only when i’m inside.
20. i like blue october.
21. i drink diet coke and water, but not together.
22. i believe that there are stupid questions as well as stupid people, who i like to call “slack-jawed troglodytes,” but not to their faces.
23. my hair has looked virtually the same since 1992. it’s hair that never goes out of style. it’s a cosmic force. if my hair powered my brain, i could do anything.
24. i think the web is groovy, because nobody is gettin’ together.