at sxsw now

today at a vietnamese restaurant, other people were talking to each other, and i was writing this:

why don’t i do anything?
when do these people do all the things they do?
how do they have less time than me but more things that they do?
what do i do all day if i don’t actually have anything to show for it?

my bio

here’s the long version of the bio i wrote for the sxsw book:

In no particular order, Alison Headley has had the following jobs: waitress, web designer, photographer, secretary, babysitter, jewelry designer, seamstress, bartender, golf course builder, cashier, technical writer, maid, hostess and copy editor.  She has owned one dog, lived in two cities, driven three cars, occupied four apartments, had five hair colors, and visited six foreign countries.  Her college degree in creative writing has yet to be very useful, but sure was a lot of fun to earn.  She has two tattoos and ten piercings, and has never, ever eaten an olive. She wishes she were six feet tall.

a list

of things ryan has watched on television while, next to him on the couch, i sleep as though i am dead:

a dave chapelle standup routine
my so-called life
slc punk!
when harry met sally
garden state

sxsw made me tired.