I made this

I may not be able to write lately, but I’m totally kicking crafting’s ass. I made a dress:

the top of the dress I made

I didn’t use a pattern for this one; instead I measured and copied one of my favorite dresses. Here’s the bottom of the dress:

the bottom of the dress I made

And then I knitted my first sweater:

my first sweater, worn with my umpteenth dress

I couldn’t have made the sweater without the help of my friend Kristin, who showed me how to do all the new techniques I didn’t understand. I had planned to make longer sleeves, but my knitting skills aren’t really there yet, so I left them short:

this is how long the sweater is

The thing I think about while doing all this crafting is that if western civilization collapses and we run out of clothes to wear (which will never happen; there are so damn many clothes), I will be able to clothe myself almost entirely. Now I just need to learn to cobble.